Reminder you can use Relai to buy Bitcoin then swap in Cake.

They also have 0% fees with v2.0 so you’ll only pay network fees to cake and the applicable exchange fee with Changenow.

I made this post 18 days ago explaining how you can use Cakewallet and Relai together without KYC.

Relai operate in Europe and process payments in the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA) but can also process payments from the U.K. using an IBAN so while Kraken has stopped trading Monero in the U.K. an alternative is Relai.

You could also use SimpleSwap or of course buy Bitcoin/Litecoin from Kraken and send to Cake to trade for Monero. The process is becoming lengthier but it’s still possible to buy monero in the U.K.

Of course you could also use local Monero as well.

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