Summary on where to buy/sell Monero

Given the recent event, i wanted to make a summary and between all of us update it to make it as accurate as possible to have it update every time a new service is up or a current service delists it. An infographic would be nicer but I'm too bad at it.

Buy/sell Monero with fiat

CEX, KYC: Binance (1), Kucoin,, Bitfinex, Huobi, Kraken (2), Poloniex,, MEXC, Hotbit

CEX, NO KYC: Localmonero (*)

DEX: Haveno (***)

Buy/sell Monero with crypto

CEX, NO KYC: Tradeogre, Mandala Exchange ( ** )

Swappers( **** ): Sideshift, SimpleSwap, ChangeNow

DEX: Bisq, COMIT, Farcaster (***)

DEX, trusting external Blockchain: Incognito, SecretSwap, ThorSwap( *** )


(1) Not available in the US

(2) Not available in the UK

( * ) Some sellers may require KYC

( ** ) Up to 2 BTC widrawal daily

( *** ) Not available yet

( **** ) Swappers are centralized services that perform crypto to crypto directly to your wallet, without KYC, so they differ from CEX that a swap is already withdrawn to your wallet.

Personally, I have tried Binance (now Mandala), Localmonero, Tradeogre, Coinex, Hotbit, SecretSwap and Incognito pDex and all worked fine to desposit and withdraw. I could make a review of each and maybe a tutorial for each.

Please comment if something isn't available in your country or something is wrong so we could summarize it well and from there propose a nice infographic!

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