Multi-wallet management software

As I understand, if my wallet balance consist of a single input, then spending some will lock my entire balance. But if it consists of several input only a single input will be locked (or several, depending on the value I wish to spend and the value of the inputs). Does Monero wallet supports a mechanism to automatically receive funds as multiple inputs?

Is it feasible to create a lot of wallets (say, 100), and then distributes n XMR to those wallets (n/100 to each one) which then allows one to spend multiple times without waiting for the funds to be unlocked? Or, maybe it would be better to implement some sort of automatic input splitting? I assume that the cost of such thing would be higher fees as a single transaction might consist of several, smaller ones. But Monero’s fees are already super low, and it may be of the interest of some people to pay higher fees but posses the ability to spend funds without waiting for them to be unlocked.

I feel like more emphasis should be put toward solving the locked funds issue more easily, as the average Joe doesn’t have the technical understanding of inputs and outputs, and waiting 20 minutes between spendings is really cumbersome.

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