Pay it forward like Satoshi, Now is the time to give away bitcoin.

My personal philosophy this holiday season is to gift bitcoin to people that are yet in the space. Give it to family, friends or just a random stranger. If you are reading this you are an earlier adopter and most likely you may know someone who is yet to get their toes wet in the space. Be like Satoshi and bring bitcoin to the ppl. This past year we have seen more outside investors and institutions enter the crypto space more than any other time in our short history. We also now have more accessible platforms and exchanges that makes owning bitcoin that much easier. Giving the gift of bitcoin can help bridge some of the learning curve and may actually change someones life for the better like it has done for probably most of the current users. Giving away bitcoin will also help foster more wide scale acceptance at a time when we are starting to bump up against regulations and laws. See Hillary Clinton. In the future Out of touch politicians may be more reluctant to pass harsh regulations if their voters and friends are now owners of bitcoin.

Besides adoption a small amount of bitcoin now can change peoples lives. The 1200 dollar stimulus check may not have seemed like much but for a lot of people including myself it was just enough of a temporary relief that it let me expand outward. With bitcoin you wont have to give that much to someone as long as you teach them how to properly hodl.

Besides gifts, I have set aside crypto wallets as trusts to help fund the future education to my younger family members or to friends who now have children.

Another personal project this past year is hiding crypto wallets while living the vanlife. The wallets have NFTs from various artists, alongside various coins. Kind of a Crypto GeoCache. Maybe one day someone will find a wallet and it can make a difference in their life.

Anyways no matter where you see bitcoin going by the end of the year, It will mostly likely go up and now is the time to give bitcoin and bring in new people that can watch the process for their-selves.

Cash App is usually what I suggest to new people as it allows for easy buying and sending bitcoin and can be set up with a few clicks. Also cash app now has family features allowing teens access with parental supervision.

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