Oddball request: Looking for a video breakdown of the CODE behind bitcoin. (Not a blockchain explainer/ idea video; rather, a deep dive into the C++ structure/ framework). Info in description.

Hey all,

Strange request, but figured someone here may have some thoughts on this:

I have a basic understanding of code (very basic), but still an interest in it. I know bitcoin is over 100k lines of C++, but would love to learn more about how it functions on a mechanical level. There are tons of videos on youtube describing how btc works, but they are really more broad-based animations of what blockchain is and the ideas behind bitcoin. That's NOT what i'm looking for.

Much more interested in doing a deep dive on how the bitcoin system is programmed and how the constituent parts all fit together. It would be cool to hear someone fluent in C++, and also someone who understands bitcoin, talk about the unique functions and what makes it "the most sound, secure, and decentralized" money ever invented. Technical = good.

Do you know of any videos that do a code breakdown of how it works? (Ideally, a couple hours of a programmer showing and discussing the framework.)


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