A friendly discussion on Monero’s utility under increasing regulations.

Feel free to downvote me and criticize me folks, I don't mind so long as we have a good discussion on this. I just want to be frank with the community, I personally believe Monero is going to face more and more regulations around the world and its going to reach a critical point where Monero's fate will be decided for years to come.

First off, I noticed that a lot of folks are way too idealistic or naive with what this actually means, which I understand. I love Monero and want it to not just survive but thrive. I want that as much as anybody. But I live in a country that banned xmr last year and I have seen how quickly things can break down. It's not a question of if, but when. Monero WILL be banned or heavily regulated in most countries as time goes on mostly because it is in fact a great form of tax evasion or wealth concealment. I am not trying to spread FUD, I am saying we have got a difficult struggle ahead and the devs will need more support than ever.

Secondly, I've spoken to a few people saying Monero can be used in everyday vists to the shop and restaurants with instant zero confirmation transactions. Sure, it's still better than fiat, but again, how would businesses use it if they are under legal scrutiny? Why as a business, just as an example, would I not use something like Nano (not shilling here just making a technocal example) instead only for the purposes of everyday transactions? I think it's feasible, but challenging to believe Monero will replace or become digital cash alternatives.

Lastly, it is no secret that monero is being used mostly on the DNM. I am not against this. Black markets will always exist, and Monero itself a morally neutral machine after all. But if the use of Monero itself becomes a felony, people would be taking more risk into account should they be making any DNM purchases which is already risky enough or not worth the risks for a majority of people. Again, not all, but the majority of average folks. Realistically speaking we also have to take into account a sharp reduction in Monero transactions even on the DNM not because the technology itself is at fault, but simply because the damn regulators WILL albeit slowly and clumsily do their best to stamp it out.

What are some ways do you think XMR will weather the upcoming storm? Do you guys think XMR will just have to retreat into the realm of private DEX projects like Haveno and stay quarantined there as a P2P DNM currency? What are some of your visions?

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