The “flaws” in Bitcoin are just the flaws in us

When someone, usually a hater, tries to break down Bitcoin, and its downsides, they bring up things like 7 transactions a second, or how its blockchain is public, or its volatility.

Bitcoin was not designed to be the fast food on currency. That's like complaining that a rhino doesn't run as fast as a cheetah. Bitcoin was designed for security and certainty, not to be fast. It works exactly as intended. If you want a faster protocol, the flaw is with you, not with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is perfectly fast enough.

Bitcoin was not designed to be private. If it were private, the governments and regulators would have a field day making up FUD about it. It's public and they make up FUD anyway, when it doesn't make sense. Imagine how it would be positioned if it offered massive privacy, That's why it doesn't. If you want a private Bitcoin, the flaw is with you, not with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is private enough.

Bitcoin was not designed to be stable either. It runs like water, over and through the legacy economic system, just like early cars had to run over rutted, dirt roads, before they were paved a hundred years ago. Bitcoin has to deal with the USD, which is no longer a stable currency itself, plus highly volatile altcoins that use it as a reserve currency.

You want stability? Gold is down 1% over the last decade. Would you rather trade places with Gold?

If you want stability, maybe you are the problem, not Bitcoin? I'll take all of Bitcoin's "flaws" every day of the week over a future of paper dollars, centralized or Dark Web networks, and shiny rocks.

Bitcoin is not flawed. It is designed. Designed to navigate the wacky world we live in. It is water, purely making its way to where its needed, where it does the most use.

Use it. Or not.

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