Day Three/ Four of using Bitcoin in El Salvador

There is really not much I can say about these past 2 days as I haven't really done much, in terms of using Bitcoin. I spent a good amount of my time relaxing, exploring, and reading about recent news events that had occurred here in El Salvador (I'm under the impression that the people here are mixed on this Bitcoin adoption narrative, but I understand where they're coming from). There's a restaurant on the beach of Atami called 'Boongalo Tiola' that accepts Bitcoin and I have 2 good things to say about this restaurant. They serve really good food (I highly recommend it) and the owner knows how to create his own invoice using his lightning-supported wallet. I would argue that he's ahead of the game compared to most Bitcoin enthusiasts. So all I had to do was scan the invoice using mine and hit send. No need to scan to open a link to create an invoice.

I had just found out that there is a Bitcoin ATM located in El Sunzal at Papaya Lodge where you can convert your sats into actual cash, which is great for vendors who only accept cash. It seems possible to not rely on banks or debit/credit cards out here. I have yet confirm this myself so I'll probably check it out tomorrow.

If you're concerned about transportation around the beaches, Uber is a cheap option if you're not using a rental vehicle.

For phone service, the options I have seen are Tigo and Claro, which can be bought at some shop in El Zonte with Bitcoin. I don't remember seeing phone service providers at the airport, but I would assume they're there. As soon as I arrived at the place that I'm staying at, my main priority was to purchase either one of these sim cards so that I could transact without dollars.

I may post an update tomorrow if I'm not too busy being lazy.

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