How the current economy “works”. and why wee need a new and decentralized system (Hint: Bitcoin!). ELI15:

How the current economy “works”. ELI15:

1) You give your power to a politician or central power to “manage” your economy.

2) They charge your credit card for everything and anything they can think of (including their own expenses).

3) For every $100 they charge to your credit card, increasing the debt without limits, they keep about 30% as a “convenience” fee for their trouble. Plus other “expenses” “administrative” costs and “commissions” to a long line of middle men. Totaling about 70% final cost.

4) They “give” you a total value of 30% ($30 out of your debited $100) for cash, payments, “assistance”, goods and services.

5) Rinse & Repeat: Borrow more, as much as they "deem necessary”, without a credit limit (or just raise it to infinity).

6) …profit!!! …for them!!!

Their only concern is to keep you relatively “happy”, complacent and uneducated to get reelected a few more times, make bank, then retire without a single worry because the broken system is not their fucking problem anymore. “I got mine, fuck you!”. The next people in power will need to figure out how to fix it or just continue till it implodes, as history shows.

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