Is anyone still making pre-built node hardware? Something that requires as close to zero technical skill as possible?

I searched the sub and saw some "pre-built" nodes made from Pi's, etc, but it seems like they're either sold out or no longer produced.

Is anyone still currently producing, or working on, a truly plug and play full Monero node? Something relatively small (no bigger than a mini-pc) that someone with no knowledge of Raspberry Pi or Linux or programming in general can power up, plug into their router, and the node will simply run?

Preferably with two modes of operation:

Simple Mode: Turn on and runs with default settings, no display or peripherals. Could include an LED screen for status monitoring…

Advanced Mode: Would have a startup interface that would default back to Simple Mode after 30 seconds or a minute. If entering Advanced, you'd have options like RPC, change peers, etc. Advanced mode would wait until your options are set before initializing the daemon.

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