Transferred all off of Coinbase – so scary UX

The UX for Bitcoin to BlueWallet to Cold Card is scary, but I did it.

I would create an address and send a small test amount.

But then in order to send a bigger amount, BlueWallet would generate a new address….which I haven't tested!

So that's always fun, so I still wouldn't send everything off at once because it still feels so scary.

So would send a little bit more.

And because I have address whitelisting, each additional address added needs a 48 hour wait.

I really wish there were some way without me just checking/re-checking, reading/re-reading the address in Blue Wallet is copied and whitelisted properly in Coinbase to be ultra sure.

When I would see BlueWallet show "Pending" then I would feel much better…..

I looked into the process of switching my next tranche of purchases through Bisq, but so far it seems like there are some limits. I am still fiddling with it, but I don't see limit orders possible.

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