Withdraw your coins! (this is not a drill)

It is currently impossible withdraw XMR coins from OKEx (for half a year) and Huobi (from 2021-12-23 08:27). Deposits are possible 🤔 (See their official websites.) XMR withdrawals were stopped for several months on the NiceHash exchange in 2021. Binance does quite often make it impossible to withdraw XMR (for a week) and it does this with some other coins too. And Coinex stopped withdrawals of another privacy coin for about half of this year. Occasional problems were also reported from elsewhere.

Similar behavior can be expected in 2022, so please withdraw your coins into your wallet.

Exchanges are in love with privacy coins like Monero (If this love is allowed.), but it's a poisoned love. Monero offers them more options than a regular public coin. We know that it is possible to operate an exchange very smoothly with about 25% stocks (could be less), but these need to be well managed. It looks like some exchanges are greedy and they don't know when is enough.

If you have bought some non-existent XMRs coins at exchanges like Vauld, InvestVoyager, WazirX, … or some similar fictitious magic XMR product, please consider buying real coins, which can be withdrawn to your wallet.

And if you really need to hold some coins on exchange (because you are a trader or for some other reason), then do not forget to strictly apply KYE + AMP (know your exchange + anti manipulation policy). Because if it is not possible to withdraw some dog coin today (or there are some strange events with exchange), then tomorrow it could be Monero.

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