You time travel to 2009…

Expecting Bitcoin to be very cheap and mining difficulty to be low. Unfortunately at some point after the time machine was invented, it has become easily available to anyone.

As a result, with only 1.3M BTC in circulation in Oct 2009, and with more than a million other travelers who have had this same idea, you find that procuring 50 Bitcoin is extremely expensive – with only 1.3M / 50 = 26,000 opportunities to do so, any coins offered for sale anywhere are immediately snapped up.

A bidding war ensues… better hope someone in the future didn't sell you one use of their time machine at a high price, to someone who didn't realize this path to riches might be a little oversubscribed under those circumstances!

Sounds like Grays Sports Almanac might be a better shot for any time travelers seeking riches ;).

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