Anybody else waiting on Bitcoin to change their life?

Got into Bitcoin in 2019, DCAing to this day. By April 2021, I rightfully believed my life had changed. Then the mid April bear market started so had to take a job I might not have if Bitcoin had continued on its bull run. Then October I felt my life starting to change again til it dipped again.

Especially on rough days at work, I check the price way too much as if it were a crystal ball telling me my future. This effects my mood even more when Bitcoin drops. Stupid I know but I doubt I'm the only one.

And before "You invested more than you can lose!" I disagree as I have no debt/dependents, have an emergency fund, am def not worried, just impatient.

I got into Bitcoin for the long haul and am confident I'll look back and laugh at this post in 5 years, but is anyone else in the same "waiting game" predicament? How do you practice patience?

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