I am worried about the future of p2p fiat to monero trading in Turkey

Title. My country (Turkey) plans to ban p2p crypto trading. Things are not certain yet but i feel like these guys won't allow for anything p2p. I also heard rumors about how they are going to ban exchange withdrawals (You can't withdraw your crypto currencies from exchanges to your personal wallets). Its just speculation but i think its pretty possible.

Why am i worried about p2p trading then?

Because the government plans to give 3-5 year prison sentence to anyone who "sells" crypto currencies without a "license". These rumors are horrifying and idk what to do about them. If they ban p2p crypto<->fiat gateways, crypto loses its meaning for me. I am anti-KYC. The only thing i can do is to mine monero and thats pretty hard ngl. Any ideas? With centralized payments systems its very likely that the government will bust crypto sellers easily.

Only solution i can think of: 1- Mining 2- Gift cards to international sellers.

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