Noob on the beginning of his bitcoin journey

Hello and thank you all in advance for your perspective. I recently have had a couple things happen recently that have significantly altered my financial situation. I started a new job earning a decent (for me at least) salary this past september. On top of that my wife and I have also recently moved into a property owned by her mother significantly decreasing our cost of living. I currently have 10k in a savings account that I plan to purchase stablecoin with to start earning a decent APY . I would also like to start purchasing approx $1000 of bitcoin each month and was wondering if I would be better off making two $500 purchases or splitting it up between more smaller purchases? Lastly I would like to hear where the community stands on earning interest on your bitcoin. I originally intended to place my bitcoin in an interest earning wallet but it seems a lot of people think the risk isn't worth the return. For someone in my situation I think it may be worth it to get any extra bitcoin I can but I would love to hear how the community would invest being in my situation.

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