So, I am a plumber and you paid me in Bitcoins…

So, I went to your house to fix some pipes and maybe get to know your lady #wink_wink

I charged you 50$ equivalent of bitcoin. As per usual.

Done. The end.

But then, I saw your public address, and got curious, so I went online, and saw the money you have on that address, and even your other addresses from other wallets you have and transfer to this one.

I learned that you have inherit a lot of money and/or you have a successful career.

Now I know, next time I can charge you 300$.

Done. The end!

But then, at a party, and while a bit drunk, I commented that you are rich as f-ck with my shady cousin, which happens to be a drug dealer and a robber in his free time. Which, knowing you are rich, organizes a robbery to your house. Maybe even beating the crap out of you so that you provide your private BTC keys.

Done. The end!

How would this be if you were using Monero?

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