Stubborness turning to jealousy

Has anyone noticed, whoever you talk to about Bitcoin, from other subreddits, to social apps/groups. There seemed to be generally stubborn and dismissive of the idea of Bitcoin for the past several years. However just now in the last 12 months, those same people are starting to become jealous.

Example: in a financial group where everyone talks about saving every dollar in an interest account. They complain about cost of living, rent, prices, how they can't save up for a deposit for a house in an expensive city. Common discussions about how to budget, how to save, borrowing money from parents and so on.

Now you mention it and it's:

  • How to stop centralisation in buying up all the Bitcoin

  • How is an average person going to afford it

  • You just got lucky, but it can crash

  • Someone will be buying the top

  • You only want people to buy because you're invested

Just remember whoever you speak to about money, they could be suffering financially in these times… Just be careful how you word things now if you do discuss money and Bitcoin…

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