This Dip crushed my ego

TL'DR – I want to understand BTC movements better and why it so suddenly decided to so harshly test a support level it just recently moved through?

I suppose my experience from other stocks just don't pan out this way, usually when something breaks through a normal support it tests it rather quickly…perhaps I was blindsided by how big a move BTC needs to make before considering to have "tested" anything, and therefore I'm over reacting to a 9% blip down from $51k?

Next, a rant to vent:

I've never been taken by more surprise, even dipped into Margin to buy more expecting the rally to continue into a Christmas Rally and already underwater from the Decembear coming out of hibernation to fyck us.

So can someone long-BTC explain what the literal F**k just happened? Since now I'm on margin into this?

I've heard of "buy the dip" but to wait out a severe correction for some signs of life, only to get sucked back into the same quagmire shjthole that BTC was barely crawling out of….is really defeating and depressing.

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