You must tell yourself the truth

We read in this weeks that many exchanges „delay“ the withdrawal of xmr.

We write a lot about it. We post everywhere how high or low is the probability of fractional reserve on these exchanges.

We wait and post theories.

It can always be that a withdrawal takes a week. ONE week. A lot may happen, technical difficulties and so on. One week could be normal.

After one week there are not many theories and probabilities left over.

After one week it is a fu**ing SCAM.

We are victim of a SCAM.

You shoul tell yourself that very clear, because it is the truth. And not only yourself, beacause we should protect each others.

I will start: Binance is a SCAM. Huobi? Only a SCAM!

Go on, use Twitter too. Let them hear our voices.

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