Buying Bitcoin every month for 52 months in a row now – status update

I buy Bitcoin every month with the max amount I can from my salary. Its basically the FIRE way of investing but instead of S&P I buy Bitcoin. Started to buy in October 2017 and have bought every month ever since. I did not have any meaningful savings so the only way to get Bitcoin was to work for fiat and buy every month. I buy when its up, I buy when its down. Few years went by and I was basically at no profit (during corona dip) but it didn't matter. I had a long term goal. Now it looks easy and great in hindsight. But I can tell you, it wasn't easy and you're not late. You can do the same I am doing. All you need to do is start. And keep at it. Theres no get rich quick. But there's get rich slowly. And that's called Bitcoin. I document my journey in this blog. Hopefully you find it inspiring and it motivates you to stack more sats! Happy birthday Bitcoin!

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