Is anyone else terrified of CBDC’s and their potential to enslave humanity?

Look into CBDCs and the amount of control they give to central banks.

  • they are fully centralized
  • transparent, every transaction is subject to surveillance.
  • transactions are directly taxable.
  • endless money printing ie. inflation.
  • negative interest rates.
  • expiry dates on money (literally you have 3 months to spend your salary or it is gone).
  • control over what you can and cannot spend your money on.
  • easily restrict where you can spend your money, at what time you can spend your money, or even turn off bankaccounts/people.

Look into social credit systems, how effectively they oppress populations. They are already a reality in parts of China.

  • a point system that determines your social status.
  • virtue points for stuff the government likes
  • penalty points for stuff the government doesnt like.
  • your "citizen privileges" are determined by this point system.
  • want access to restaurants? your score needs to be over 100 or your QR doesnt work.
  • went to the wrong protest?, talked to a dissident?>>> no traveling for you, no supermarket for you… no school for your kids.
  • sucked off the balls of the government? >>> maybe youre allowed to buy better food or even some alcohol this month, sucked hard enough?? maybe your kids get to go to a better school.

Now combine CBDC's and social credit…

CBDCs are every totalitarians wet dream. An airtight tool for oppression.

The QR code system that they've been trying to introduce though the covid pandemic is the perfect trojan horse. (I happen to think that is not a coincidence, but then again I am also a crazy conspiracy theorist.)

I know one thing though:

If CBDC's ever get widely implemented we will forever be cattle to whoever controls them.

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