Hello everyone!

I need a reason to not become a Monero Maximalist.. So far I don't see any other coin doing what XMR is doing and I 100% believe privacy is a human right even though we often forget sometimes in my country. Open ledger originally seemed like the future of finance to me and now it seems like some 1984 one world currency nightmare.

I have read about other privacy coins using the word "privacy" loosely but I am always open to learn more. Recently I have been reading up on Litecoin and Mimblewimble. Mimblewimble is a blockchain protocol that allows for a completely private transaction platform through a unique security framework that is markedly different from that of the pseudonymous Bitcoin cryptocurrency. In Mimblewimble, there are no addresses and transactions are fully confidential.

What are your thoughts on MimbleWimble and Litecoin? Will this be something that competes with XMR? Maybe compliments it? Or do I not understand enough to even compare the two?

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