Trigger Warning: Crypto is Not Here To Make You RICH. Crypto is Here To Make You FREE

Introduction: Opportunity for Wealth in the Cryptoverse

Nowhere else on Earth will you find similar types of gains in the cryptoverse. It is a fact, that the opportunity for wealth here is so immense that it creates dreams of unprecedented wealth even for those with a common life. Combine this with explosive price actions and hype, lots of attention and adoption are drawn into the space on a regular basis, making it one of the fastest-growing sectors in the entire human existence.

However, while everybody thinks crypto is the go-to place to make millions, it is also where entire financial life and fortune are ruined and lost. As a nascent space, crypto is warned with a lot of risks, even in a bull market, yet it is intriguing to see people pilling themselves up, thinking this is the only opportunity to escape the rat race and hence better their life. This kind of mentality does make me wonder what the hell is wrong with the current world we are all living in.

The Reality of The Current System

The truth is you can’t blame them. In the legacy system, so much wrongs are to be found that clouded their ability to judge and search for opportunities. People are enslaved to the system, both in the physical and in the digital world. They live most of their life in accordance to the work and spend cycle, conforming and following the exact same path of life as everybody else under the promise of security and happiness. In exchange, they have to give up their freedom to those who stay in the highest positions of power.

Either by forces or by influences, every human society trends toward a structure with a few in control of the majority. While this is natural to the existence of human beings, it is also what creates much of the sufferings and injustice we see throughout all human history. Being power-hungry and driven creatures, we form hierarchical structures to ensure the best cooperation between each other, yet when societies and networks expand beyond our consciousness, power tends to overconcentrate in entities that then often become corrupted, oppressive and unaccountable.

Centralization of Power and Human Nature

Reflecting on this, we can see the same presence in some of the strongest nations in the world today. When power is abused by a centralized entity, someone must suffer. If not those at the top, the price will have to be paid by those at the bottom, and this is often the case. We see this time and time over again, with the final fate of most society leading towards intolerance, civil war and eventually the collapse of the entire system.

The same can be said to the digital society today, though the difference is those in positions of power are untouchable and divine. They play the role of Gods, influencing the lives of millions and billions each year without us having a voice-over, yet we all have come to accept it because we have no other choice.

Despite all of these, people are still chasing the same damn things that make them slaves in the old system. Thinking by somehow riching off from crypto or any new innovation will make them more free and live more comfortably. This is only a delusion painted by the lies of consumerism and power-hungry culture. In a centralized system, you are neither free nor rich, you are either the few powerful or the majority powerless.

Faith in The New System

Understanding this is the first step in understanding why the world of crypto is so disruptive and why the opportunity for wealth here is so real. Wealth does not magically exist. It comes with and from people who came collectively with the same mindset, same vision and set out to do the same goal: to make a difference in the world, to build something that breaks away from the power structure of the legacy system and to create a place where fairness and freedom lie at the heart of the system.

Crypto was never made to make you RICH. Crypto was made to make you FREE. This is the vision of Satoshi for what a decentralized, trustless, permissionless and censorship-resistant system would bring to the future of humanity: A world where we all have a choice, to either give away control of our life to someone else or be the one who dictates our own fate.

Many of us realized we do not need banks, institutions and corporations to be our responsible. Many of us realized we do not need centralized entities to tell us what to do and what not to do with our life. Many of us realized that we can decide things for ourselves, and that is something we are not offered in the current system. With crypto, we have A CHOICE, and as there exists a demand for having this choice, the market responds with growth and opportunity to where it is offered.

Becoming Successful In The Cryptoverse

Understanding this is crucial to becoming successful in the space. Those who do not stick around will never win big or win at all because their minds are still plugged into the old system. The biggest winners of the space are those who understand the value proposition and turn themselves to this beautiful vision and dedicate their lives to make it a reality either through long-term capitals, through their voices and their words or through their own hands.

Without courage, there is no freedom. Without freedom, there is no opportunity. What is offered as protection in the centralized world is in disguise of restriction, to limit the rate of innovation and revolution that are happening through crypto. They will doubt our success and they will question our authenticity to change the world. But we show them why we are better and why we had to be better, and by believing and dedicating to this space, we ultimately win by bringing equal opportunities to all human beings, while expanding the potentials of human kinds instead of limiting them like in the legacy system.

TLDR: Conclusion

Those who understand the purpose of the cryptoverse will ultimately understand the opportunity for wealth that comes with it. And for as long as we, the people, come together to push it into existence, crypto will not be a single opportunity but an opportunity of a lifetime for all of us human beings. Crypto is here to stay.


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