The only Non-ID crypto marketplace that is worth anyone’s time….


LocalCoinSwap is by far the best P2P crypto exchange service in existence. It's low fees and permanent No-KYC status make it the only realistic site for people that want to stay fully off the grid, or simply just don't have the necessary documentation to identify themselves.

One thing that infuriated me with sites such as Binance, LocalBitcoin and Paxful, was that you could probably only make 1 or 2 trades if you were lucky, before they would need identification. LocalCoinSwap always keeps its integrity and stays KYC free at al times.

Did I mention ID isn't even required to sell crypto, which for me is unheard of.

Another benefit I found is the low-fees. The first ever time I bought BTC, I used Paxful. I bought £20 worth of BTC and guess what I ended up with; £13.00….

For small amounts of Crypto the fees on these sites can almost half your funds, now obviously this isn't completely the sites fault as sellers charge ridiculous amounts and should be held accountable too, however, I found the average above market value on LocalCoinSwap to be around 10% when on other sites it would average around 20-27%.

The fees on LocalCoinSwap's end are virtually non-existent, buying £20 worth of BTC will leave you with no less than £18, which in the P2P marketplace scene is just amazing. Same sacrifice you would make with the likes of Coinbase.

I hope this post can help some fellow KYC haters not get completely ripped off on their hard earned crypto.

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