Announcing by Cake Wallet! A Monero-only, free, open source, noncustodial wallet for iOS and Android!

We are extremely excited to announce by Cake Wallet, a Monero-only fork of Cake Wallet!

Just like Cake Wallet, the app is free, open source, and noncustodial! Your keys, your coins.

The app still has the exchange feature with our partner Changnow.

The app is available on iOS and Android (Google Play and direct APK).

For the time being, we have copied the same website for, but we have much bigger plans! Expect us to have news, resources, blockexploers, and a Monero marketplace on as well! by Cake Wallet will remain a Monero-only wallet forever. Cake Wallet will continue adding more features to enhance a multi-coin wallet experience.

Join the CEO of Cake Wallet Vik Sharma on Monerotopia today at 11a ET! by Cake Wallet (Monero ONLY)

Cake Wallet (for Monero, BTC, and LTC)

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