How to profitably “mine” Monero


I have seen many people discussing that it is not profitable to mine Monero or that they have underperforming CPU's and never reach the minimum payout of a pool.

I hope this can help you. We are not going to mine monero, but we are going to see how to find the most profitable coin and move it to Monero.

GPU mining – Ethereum – NANO – Monero

On websites like: we can see which is the coin that generates more money with our GPU. Normally this is always Ethereum.

The problem with Ethereum is that unless you have a big RIG you will never reach the minimum payment required by the pools. And you will probably pay more commissions than what you have generated.

But the 2miners pool implemented NANO payments, this crypto is instant and with 0 commissions. This allows us to mine Ethereum and receives our full payment in NANO without commissions, which we exchange for Monero.

Minimum payout (Only if you use NANO) – 0.0005 ETH

More information:

GPU/CPU Mining – Any Algo – Monero

Another solution is mining pools like ZergPool where you mine any algo and get paid in Monero. In a 100% automatic way and usually, this type of pools covers all the commissions of the exchanges.

Zergpool – Min XMR Payout: 0.0042

The way it works in this type of pools is always the same, you choose an algorithm, and when mining you put your Monero wallet.

Example: t-rex.exe -a x16rt -o stratum+tcp:// -u MONERO_WALLET -p c=XMR,ID=gpu

I hope I helped, I am not an expert. If anyone has a better method please share it.

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