Top 2 Cryptos

The top 2 cryptos by market cap and network affect are Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Am i the only one that realizes neither one of them are actually a CURRENCY? The entire reason crypto was developed in the first place has seem to failed:

A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution. -Bitcoin Whitepaper Abstract

When i first discovered Bitcoin back in ~2012 and started mining with the KNC Jupiter I used to feel like a pioneer, mining the world's future payment system. I swore to friends and loved ones Satoshi was the Einstein of our generation and I used to earn .1BTC per post on bitcointalk dot org.

So much has changed since then and it seems Bitcoiners are settling with the "store of value" concept instead of electronic cash. Now thats fine and dandy, a new reserve, I can dig it.

Ethereum isnt even trying to be a currency, a different application using the Blockchain, thats also fine, and i support it.

BUT we still need a currency

Thats where Monero comes in, it is the closest thing we have that stays true to Satoshi's ideals and acts as a truly fungible electronic cash payment system without going through a financial institution.

We used to have thought experiments on Bitcointalk dot org how governments and banks would fight against Bitcoin and wouldnt let it succeed. Delistings due to nefarious politicians outrighting banning it and FUD by ignorant journalists who we likened to Luddites. None of that has seemed to happen with Bitcoin. On the other hand its being embraced by the industry it was meant to replace. However Monero is being attacked, IRS bounties, alleged paper XMR being traded on exchanges, FUD from the media and Bitcoin maxis.

Gentlemen, we are on the right side of history, DO NOT BE DECIEVED, Monero will be king(as a currency), I feel it in my gut as much as i felt it about Bitcoin way back when, I just pray we dont become blinded like Bitcoin maxis out of greed.


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