I’ve lost all morality when it comes to orange pills and bitcoin advocacy. All of it.

  • I click the heart or like buttons to support flagrant bitcoin propaganda films
  • I downvote anything on this sub that calls bitcoin "crypto" or suggests vehicles designed to separate people from their bitcoin, like trading, leverage, bitcoin branded debit cards, or paying taxes on it
  • I'll embrace Garry Gensler and his anti-shitcoin SEC regulation
  • I'll happily promote Senator Lummis' pro-bitcoin anti-shitcoin legislation due out this year
  • I tip thousands of Sats to any post where I sense violence behind someone's bitcoin support
  • I encourage bank loans of all types to acquire more bitcoin, an asymmetric move I consider a re-interpretation of Fight Club's ending
  • I gift Opendimes, hard wallets, and bitcoin producing hardware to children
  • I gift Opendimes to ESG people that are against bitcoin forcing them to learn and use it
  • I pay students to bring up bitcoin in class and to hold orange pill sessions after
  • I donate nodes
  • I drop orange pills in the drinks of dates, press them into the palms of friends, and place them on the tongues of family
  • I give bitcoin to supportive super PAC's
  • I convince churches and non-profits to accept bitcoin donations
  • I've lied about my identity and gotten several CEO's (no Fortune 500 yet, but a couple recognizable companies) on the phone to highlight the importance of bitcoin payment support (I'd like to think I'm partly responsible for a vending machine company exploring and eventually implementing this)
  • I have no patience for shitcoining or talk of "diversifying" a portfolio with shitcoins. So I go on the attack often in other subs. My PM's sing of a successful campaign of at least 100 neophytes that I've orange pilled heretofore. Remember, I only started on Reddit a few months ago

Part of an intransigent minority here to provide cover fire for bitcoin until it makes it out the door. Now remember, I'm an OG, and because of that have the resources to press like this, but I just want you to know there's a group of Maxi's always on the grassroots offensive. And as always, we believe simplicity is a fundamental security practice, that separation of money from State is the goal, and that decentralization at large will naturally build around both. HODL.

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