A reminder of the real value of Bitcoin over altcoins

As Bitcoin dominance continues to slowly crawl back up, this is just a sober reminder of the value of Bitcoin.

If you were to put a large wager on which crypto will still exist in 100 years, hands down, there is no competition. Bitcoin can survive almost any assault placed against it and can do so orders of magnitude better than any of the leading altcoins.

If you want to make bets on which alt will pump before it inevitably fizzles out in the next 5 years or gets replaced with a competitor, then go invest in alts. You're betting on a centralized dev team, with centralized governance, and a base layer so filled with complexity that it can break at the least opportune times. You carry those risks in perpetuity. It's like investing in stock in a company, nothing wrong with that, but it's not currency.

If Bitcoin is like investing in land, alts are like investing in a finished home.

Flood? The land is still there. Earthquake? Land still there. Do you want to build a skyscraper? Take your land and use 2nd and 3rd layer solutions, don't mess with the base layer. You want a centralized entity to provide some additional layers, use Coinbase or PayPal with a Bitcoin reserve.

If you're buying a house, you need an engineer's assessment. Do you trust the engineer? Do you trust the builder? What's the plumbing like? Why would you add this complexity into the base layer? The more moving parts, and the more people you need to trust, the more things can go wrong. You can build anything on land, but every time you want to develop your house, you need to retrofit, take things down, and deal with obsolete elements. That is an altcoin for you.

Just buy the land and forget about it. When the tech is here for whatever fintech solution you are looking for, you can just sub in Bitcoin at the base. And you can always sub in Bitcoin at the base because Bitcoin will always be there.

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