Kazakhstan Just Caused a Multi-National Power Outage When They Unplugged Their Crypto Miners!

TLDR: They'll never admit it, but the nationwide power outages that struck Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan today was caused by a load imbalance created by the Kazakh government cutting off the power supply to the nation's Bitcoin miners.

Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJKjT_HE9sk

One detail that nobody is talking about in this story of a power outage that spanned three entire countries this morning is that it most definitely was NOT caused by a power shortage. It was caused by a "load imbalance." If you don't habla power grid, that means there was TOO MUCH power and not enough places to send it and so the breakers blew and millions of people went dark in the coldest month of the year. A load imbalance is every bit as problematic for a power grid as a supply shortage.

Another detail that isn't getting mentioned is that just hours before this happened, Kazakhstan shut down all the electric power supplying the nations massive crypto mining industry. This was done in order to address a supposed power shortage, which obviously didn't exist because when they did so, they grid failed on a load imbalance. To anyone with any experience or knowledge of how a power grid works, it is obvious that the shutdown of the crypto miners is what crashed the grid in all three countries.

Link to Reuters article about the outage: https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/power-blackout-hits-kazakhstan-kyrgyzstan-uzbekistan-2022-01-25/

The press won't tell this story because they're too busy pushing the ESG narrative that crypto mining is bad for the environment and wasteful. The Kazakh government won't admit this because they don't want to give up the price controls they have in place on their power grid which makes crypto mining immensely profitable in Kazakhstan at the expense of massive government subsidies to keep those power prices low in the face of rising demand. And the ESG crowd won't admit to this because it would require them to admit that crypto mining can actually serve a vital purpose in stabilizing any power grid by providing variable, instantaneous load during period of low demand (low prices that make mining profitable) and by curtailing that load during periods of peak demand (high prices that make mining unprofitable).

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