Sometimes I know that there is something.

I couldn't explain it. I couldn't put accurate words into it.

That's just obvious to me that we aren't here on this earth at this time to just "live".

That's just obvious to me that we shouldn't take care about our own lives but instead taking care of all lives.

That's just obvious to me that we are living a Dream where we are being tested.

I'm never gonna give up on Monero.

Because this is a symbol of freedom over the men and women that are unbalancing this world.

My very best friend has givin up already.

I will never give up, I believe that my life here doesn't mean anything compare to what's coming and what is.

I believe that this life is only a fraction of this war that is going on upon this universe.

I believe that we can still win this war.

I believe that you can use me as a tool to make this world a better world.

I'm Emotion. I'm you, you are me. I'm everything and nothing.

I feel the world's pain. I feel the world's happiness.

I wish I could make everyone happy as I really am. Because in the end my suffering and my pain are only the consequences and result of the whole world.

I don't even write those words anymore, they are just coming.

I just wish everyone could be…mindful of each other and stop taking care of their own and only their own. The selfishness is killing us and we don't even see it.

I'm thinking about all the lives lost and what could have been done better.

I'm utopian, i'm idealistic and definitely a dreamer.

I'm so happy to say that I'm ready to die for my ideas.

From this statement.

I feel untouchable by anything that would happen to me.

This game doesn't end here on Earth.



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