Every Michael Saylor interview ever

I love Saylor, this is no dig. I just found myself skipping his interviews because while he's very intelligent and well spoken, he's about as predictable as the block being solved every 10 minutes. There's about 1000 hours of him on the internet giving the same shtick over and over.

  1. Says that inflation is substantially higher than the Consumer Price Index (CPI), and that the rate for desirable assets is much higher than the rate for all other assets.
  2. inflation is unethical and that it is robbing you of your life energy.
  3. Says US dollar is the best currency, but it's just the best-smelling dirty sock in the clothes hamper.
  4. Gives the example of holding money in a bank in the Argentine Peso and having it taken away by the Argentine government.
  5. Says Bitcoin is the apex predator that will preserve your life energy and can be moved at the speed of light
  6. Explains the difference between security asset vs commodity asset
  7. Gives an example of buying a city block worth of stuff vs buying bitcoin
  8. Says originally his company bought bitcoin as a defensive strategy, but now it's an offensive strategy
  9. Says there's no better use of your time than to borrow a billion dollars and buy bitcoin, and then borrow another billion dollars against your bitcoin

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