So I moved a nice chunk of monero to cold storage…

in preparation for the upcoming monero run, partly because I don't want to do anything stupid if the market gets crazy, partly because I know I needed to set up something for long term storage eventually.

I'm by no means a whale but the amount I've moved is a lot of money to me and it brings me peace of mind knowing its safely stored. Here's what I did in case someone wants to know

  1. Get the Monero offline wallet generator (remember to verify the signature) and put it a trusted usb. Note: this code is written by trusted members of the community and in very nice JS, and is very easy to audit for those curious things like that)

  2. Install Tails OS to a usb stick (really any major linux live-usb will do, but Tails really strives to not leave any traces of itself in the device it was used in)

  3. Boot up tails (it is important that tails remains disconnected from the internet so your seed is as secure as posible) and plug in your trusted USB, copy the html file to Tor Browser and open it to generate a new wallet.

  4. write down all the wallet info using pen and paper, and store it safely. keep the view key handy

  5. set up a view only wallet using the viewkey (i did this in the wallet, just hit restore wallet using keys and imput viewkey only)

  6. send Monero to the wallet and check its being received. Now you can see your wallet is working correctly and your seed was never close to the internet.

Q: what if I need to send out money from the cold wallet? If that is the case for me, honestly I would just plug the seed to the internet and take out what I don't need to another cold wallet (there is a way to do offline transaction signing but its quite cumbersome and I don't recommend it, if this is your use case, maybe a hardware wallet is better)

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