The real path to Bitcoin mass adoption is in the old ways of the internet

Remember why you got on the internet in the first place?

It was probably because there was cool shit that would be hard/expensive to get in other places conveniently. For a lot of us, it was streaming, ebooks, p0 rn…

Let's stick with streaming. The old days were uncomfortable, but they worked. They involved a lot of downloading, ads, subscriptions to strange sites (remember rapidshare?). But they worked. And they are still around in some ways. But then Netflix came around.

And Netflix was cool. Lots of stuff to watch, very convenient. Just worked. Fast forward to 2022. There are like 20 streaming services and the ones you have subscribed to rarely have the shows you actually want to watch. Nobody wants to install all their apps or give out all the data all the time.

But the future is already here, it's just not equally distributed yet. There is the tech to build streaming platforms for the masses that will get the legacy streaming providers innovating again.

We have Tor, we have Lightning. These two alone are powerful enough to build the streaming platform we need these days. One that connects uploaders and streamers. Where a 10 cent Lightning payment gives you access to the next episode of the show you want to watch, without subscriptions, ads, malware and other annoying shit.

A marketplace for streaming links. You can see the ratings of the link and you can trust that it is actually what it says it is – because an ACTUAL HUMAN is paid to confirm. The links hosted send you to a dedicated uploading site. These service providers, whether on clearnet or darknet, provide the uploading site where the content providers upload any show humans ever made if there are any viewers to be found.

The one stop shop for streaming. Everyone loves streaming. Anyone everywhere in the world with internet can work on a platform like this, providing content and getting paid for it.

A technology to facilitate this that works well has the potential to reach hundreds of millions of people. Become the place that needs no advertisement because everyone knows about it and it's the natural go-to place whenever you are looking for that one movie.

A platform that lets the masses spend and earn Bitcoin. Where the average users put 50$ in their Lightning wallets every few months to have money readily available to stream instead of giving Netflix 20$ every month. Where people in the worst economies of the world can make a few hundred $ in Bitcoin every month by providing content.

Who will start this platform? Who will start it for ebooks? Who will start it for audio? Who will start it for adult content?

The future is here my friends.

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