Warning on Gemini Exchange!


Gemini has my ACH deposits and I am locked out due to 2FA issues (I changed my phone). The jury is still out from tech support as to whether I'll ever retrieve my fiat currency (fortunately, I offloaded my transaction key(s) to a cold wallet) but I still have USD in my account. Apparently, I violated their TOS because I do not have a U.S. phone number (I am in the Dom. Rep.) but the Gemini algorithm accepted my Dom. Rep. number in the first go-round and I used a VPN. Now I need a U.S. number, I am told, but when I responded, I never heard back and I'm still waiting.

While I'm still working on this problem, I see the writing on the wall. I must find a global or international exchange; however, when I Google same, although I do find many that claim to be such, when I am able to read the TOS, I find out that either you must be in the United States, and even within certain states and, for others, that you cannot be in the United States.

So I'm looking for any legitimate sites that are international in the sense that they do not require a particular home country. Any leads here?

I did read through a thread here pertaining to "exchanges for U.S. expats" but I could not find any solution there. Being in this grey area, where you have to use a VPN, makes it seem that you are trying to "game the system" when you run into a problem and need help from tech support. With respect to Gemini, clearly they have an internal problem–staff says that a U.S. number is mandatory but the website algorithm accepts a non-U.S. number, and I'm caught in the middle.

I don't want to play these cat an mouse games where it's never clear if I am in violation . . .

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