A question about performance and scalability

Hello, r/Monero

i am just getting to know monero and its working and i am far from having a good idea of everything, but i had this nagging question about which design measure where taken so the network would still work well with a large amounts of (small) transactions.

AFAIK, the Bitcoin network (hat to resort) to implementing an overlay network "lightning" be able to handle (aka. increase transaction speed/validation time and allow large amounts of small transaction.) To be usable in a day to day payment enviroment for everyone.

Is this something that the current Monero network can handle? And if not are there already planes to improve this?

Everything else i have read sofar about monero seems well thought out so i kind of hope this is also something that was considert (at least to a certain degree)

Thanks in advance for some insightful feedback or maybe just some links where i can find some more information about this.

Have a nice day. 🙂

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