CEXs decline withdrawals causing Monero to hit One-Year-Low in Daily Transactions.

They can't do this forever. Keep withdrawing your assets guys and we will win.

At some point there will be a decentralized exchange for Monero, People will want to trade there because no KYC. And since people can't withdraw their assets on CEX because of ridiculous reasons the liquidity will move towards DEXs and then they can't play their game any longer.

I couldn't believe CEX are abusing their power for a very long time. But there is corruption where corruption is possible. That's why second layer solutions for anonymity won't work, they are all centralized to some point. In this regard, Monero is finished. It's done. People are using it, that's why we are decupling from BTC and the rest of the market. It's the underdog of the crypto scene and i promise you the desire for owning monero will grow in the coming months/years.

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