It was Majestic Day. 8000 USD collected for Donation. Monero at 260$

Dear friends, yesterday was a great day and We hope every day in future will be like this.

Our mission in supporting Monero won't stop here.

By using our exchange you helped Monero become better and stronger.

8000 USD collected will be donated fully where you find it most necessary.

Developers working on Monero most of the time fund their work based on donations and we need them properly funded so they remain independent, work for community and keep protecting our privacy.

Our idea was to allocate 5000$ to coder who fixed multi-signature and one / company who will do review to make sure that multi-signature is functional and secure.

Other 3000$ will be donated to Feather wallet developer.

This is our vote, but please write in the comments if you don't agree or think there are better places to donate right now.

We will donate the funds where you find more necessary and will probably make this Donation day twice a month to help fund other things too.

Monero enabled everyone of us to transact privately and We should always try to help as much as We can.

Let's keep Monero great

Thank you all for using MajesticBank

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