Proposal: Self Custody Saturday

It seems like Monero Run was a fairly successful action. I wonder if we should have a self custody saturday, in similar spirits to Skepticism Sundays?

Perhaps once per week a guide child be posted that does the following:

  1. Shows how to buy monero: Ideally something like this or better:

  2. How to properly store and secure monero yourself: paper wallets, hardware wallets, etc

Then, in the comments people could discuss the following:

  1. Updates: people can vouch that they can indeed withdrawl from Kraken, Binance, etc

  2. Reasons why they shouldn't be kept on exchanges: Sim hacking, paper trading, MtGox situations. Any recent and related news could be shared and discussed.

  3. Philosophies: the point of a private P2P digital currency… is so you don't need a third party! KYC and potentially other exchanges are a existential threat to true cryptocurrency adoption, etc

The long term success of any project is largely determined by the ethos of the user base, and I think self custody on "unhosted" wallets is an important thing to instill as much as possible in the monero culture.

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