Shruum Wallet (alpha) Updates: Stagenet .apks available, security and privacy enhancements, bug fixes, and more.

Shruum development has been pretty smooth so far. I've received a bug report of the app crashing when adding a node on the node list screen, which has been fixed.

Here is a list of changes that Shruum has that makes it different than Monerujo:

  • Mandatory Tor usage

  • Mandatory passwords for wallets

  • Fiat rates and rate fetching are gone for a "Monero-only" experience, and to limit network calls.

  • SideShift altcoin support has been completely removed since SideShift now blocks Tor users.

  • NFC support has been removed.

  • The app's package name has been renamed to "one.mayumi.shruum" so that Shruum and Monerujo can be installed simultaneously.

  • Ledger Nano S Plus support

  • The receive screen fetches the latest "fresh" subaddress in order to promote better privacy and anonymity practices. A list of subaddresses is still available when clicking on the address itself.

  • Other UI and theme changes.

Source code is available here:

STAGENET .apks available here:

If you are looking for mainnet .apks, then you will need to compile the app yourself for right now since this alias of mine is still new and, rightfully, people would be skeptical of some new person coming onto the scene and just dropping a random wallet, so I am trying to encourage people to view the source code and see the changes I made so that people can feel better about the app itself.


Aki Mayumi

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