As the line between centralized and decentralized blurs, the use case for Monero gets stronger and stronger

Doubtless people in this community have been following the Metamask Infura debacle. In compliance with sanctions, Consensys' Ethereum API Infura blocked Metamask's access to the Ethereum blockchain by IP addresses. These centralized organizations (like Consensys/Infura) can block wallet access to blockchains via IP address. Whatever your feelings about the current sanctions, some people NOT in the sanctions range lost access to their funds because decentralized Metamask uses centralized Infura to access the Ethereum blockchain. But Metamask users didn't know about this tech service marriage. As DeFi explodes, how many other projects will appear decentralized on the surface or even in their white papers but work in a centralized fashion because of their key partnerships?

Day by day, the privacy and autonomy Monero offers become ever more invaluable. In the future, when people's finances are pervasively integrated with the blockchain, these tech companies will be able to lock people out of their own survival resources–one of the very problems cryptocurrency originally proposed to resolve. The use case for Monero has never been stronger.

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