A living nightmare

Guys I should stop invest in Monero and it will goes up. It's like my own nightmare, I'm meant to suffer and live this nightmare for ever it looks like. Monero is dead if i'm investing on it. It's a curse. Give me any coin you want to see dead I invest it goes down. It's just like a game life is making me live. A real nightmare trust me. Monero is meant to die only because I'm here investing and believing it's the best project ever in the whole world. We will never see Monero being successfull never ever, our world is a joke, our world is fake, it's like this dream you almost remember in the morning. Well life is also a layer above your real life, it's the same. I'm meant to be poor and I'm meant to suffer this is what life wants. Yeah I know it will make no sense to you but whatever, you will see. As soon as i'm born on this planet, I knew it was all about suffering, I suppose I did something maybe in past life or whatever. Anyway it's just a simulation, so fuck this life.

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