Official Press Release – Central African Republic adopts Bitcoin as its “reference currency”. English translation below.

Official Press Release - Central African Republic adopts Bitcoin as its "reference currency". English translation below.

This is my best attempt at a quick translation for you guys. Some phrases are a bit sketchy already in the original french.

"President, head of state and Professor Faustin Archange Touadera rejoices with satisfaction and enthusiasm at the unanimous decision of the National Parliament regarding the law that has been drafted to establish a legal framework for crypto-currencies and establishes Bitcoin as official currency in Central African Republic. The adoption of Bitcoin as an official currency represents a crucial step towards the creation of new opportunities for our country.

With this historical decision, the plan for economic recovery and strengthening of peace enters a new phase and the executive power is coherent in the implementation of its agenda which aims at a strong economic growth that will benefit development, economic performance and will generate prosperity for our citizens.

The president and head of state will support all necessary efforts within the rule of law to carry out this endeavour which puts the Central African Republic on the map as one of the most courageous and visionary countries in the world for all matters regarding accepting crypto-currencies as means of payment.

The Central African Republic is not only the first African country to adopt Bitcoin as a reference currency, but also the first country in the world to unanimously adopt the law regarding crypto-currency. We are engaged on a new path which will mark a new step for our country, while being conscious of the difficulties ahead for carrying out our mission.

With a progressive vision, aimed at the future, our Nation must be able to pursue its destiny and join the ranks of those which non only understand the importance of the blockchain technology, but are also eager to legislate it.

Our priority is to think about the way in which the lives of our citizens will change and the necessary means to create a stable and prosperous economy. It is appropriate to do everything that is in our power for the common good, while keeping in mind the heritage which is our duty to pass to the future generations.

Made at Bangui, the 26th of April 2022"

2 countries out of 195.

Kinda weird to see terms like "blockchain" or "crypto-currencies" sprinkled all over when it seems to be about Bitcoin only…

I'm taking this with a big grain of salt but this could be huge. This is the first follower after El Salvador (a real country, not a city or an island…). If this goes well the rest of the CFA countries could fall like dominos and they are all bigger than Central African Republic.


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