eCommerce integrations: the missing link?

Lots of people have crypto but it's not often used for payments. Monero is a good coin for payments due to its anonymity, decentralization, price stability, and low fees. There are lots of XMR HODLers who are ready to spend their coins on stuff, and lots of merchants who are sick of high payment processor fees. It's a perfect storm for adoption of crypto as a means of exchange and not just an investment.

The HODLers already have the crypto and are ready to spend it. The limiting factor is adoption among merchants. For a merchant, the benefits of selling to a new market and with no fees must outweigh the costs of implementation. Therefore, for widespread crypto adoption, the primary bottleneck, it seems, is accessibility to easy-to-install crypto-based payment-processing systems.

The monero team and community seems to have already realized this and invested in many proposals to make the GUI easier to use, to add "merchant mode", etc. But merchant mode is only useful in point-of-sale. What about ecommerce?

I have an online odoo store and was planning on writing a quick module to accept monero payments. Then I realized such a thing might already exist. I found github: monero-integrations/moneroodoo but it only has 8 stars so I really don't feel comfortable using it without personally auditing the code. Then I got to thinking… maybe official ecommerce integrations (i.e. for woocommerce, odoo, shopify, etc.), built and endorsed by the xmr community, would be a pretty good idea… and maybe I should write a general fund proposal…

Web framework plugins are pretty quick to code and easy to maintain, so I think such a proposal would have a high ratio of community-benefit to production-cost. I just thought I would post here to ask, has this been done before? Is it a good idea? Is there any reason it would be a bad idea? If there's a little interest I will draft a proposal.

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