Coins were stolen from personal wallet (electrum) – was able to find an exchange address that the culprit uses – best course of action to take from there?

First of all, I'm not expecting to get any of the stolen funds back. Never thought it'd happen to me – but it is what it is and I guess I'll just have to deal with it. So onto the topic-

I opened electrum today and discovered that the entire contents of my wallet, around 0.016 BTC are gone – the txid is 84078e36ae2a8c955f53aca3aee0c4746db4894aa3bedba2aaa4882956af63d0
, transferred to an unknown wallet address 1C48z7Bh17An5y8r3ewT1rG9y8TojiA79a. I haven't fallen for a phishing mail, didn't scan a QR code, and didn't open electrum either that day – the only plausible explanation is that my PC was somehow compromised (strangely I couldn't recall downloading anything fishy either), and that my recovery phrase had been leaked.

Either way, I entered the culprit address into and found out that this address apparently belongs to the wallet W-4289187953
, which doesn't contain any other addresses.

A quick look through this wallet's exchange history has led me to discover that it has mainly distributed funds to two different wallets – W-0098820189
and W-0085363382
, with the latter being marked as an OKex exchange wallet. The latest two withdrwals that the culprit made, both on Apr 12th, are both being sent to this exchange address – which basically means (if my logic is correct here) that this exchange address is associated with the culprit, and is likely (one of) the source where the culprit sells their stolen coins.

Now, what can I do with this information? I know that exchanges require an ID verification and are at least linked with the authorities; the problem is how should I contact them to let them know (and most importantly, convince) that this is indeed the culprit that was responsible for my stolen funds?

Contacting my local authorities is sadly not an option since crypto is apparently outlawed in my country. What a shame. Is there anything else I can do?

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