[update] Miners, i made you bot you can’t say no to!

Update on my previous post @Moneroo_xd bot

• Added two more pools P2pool and miniP2pool As requested by some of you guys.

And the best feature that you can't really say no to,

never miss a share

• Added Share notifications once your miners find a share you will be notified mini/p2pool supported, isn't it cool? you can monitor your stats right from your watch and get notifications!

How to enable notifications

• Also added xmrvsbeast.com raffle hashrate bonus if you sent any p2p/mini address you will be notified Twice if you won the raffle.

• Added a bold warning for minexmr users to switch to another pool ASAP.

• I added a better deploy guide with db init script, for local deploy.

• I also created a deploy template with db configured plug and play for railway.

Demo | Pics | Telegram link

If you liked this project consider sharing it around, also I've xmr address on my github if you want to donate!

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