F the banks. Seriously

Today I went into the Royal Bank of Canada to cash my paycheck. I don't have a checking account there but I have a credit card with them. I cash it because if i deposit it directly to my bank they may or may not hold some or all of the funds, so cashing it negates the delay of liquidity. Typically this is a painless activity but today the teller told me that since I don't have an account with them they would have to charge me a service fee of 5 dollars. Thats not a lot, it won't affect me in any major way but the fact that it seemed like this person arbitrarily decided to penaiize me made me furious. We went back and forth a bit but the conclusion was foregone. This is why. This is why I take my cash and immediately nove it to cold storage. I'm chuckling about my tantrum now but my rage remains And I say again Fuck the banks

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