Utmost Conviction

So I have been binging a shit ton of Michael Saylor videos and videos about bitcoin itself and Cryptos in general, learning about ETH etcetera. I truly give no more fucks about what the stupid mainstream media have to say about what crypto is and why it’s bad for us. I am balls deep in this investment journey into what I truly believe is the single most sophisticated piece of property presented to mankind. Bitcoin is godsend. My conviction towards all this has hit an all time high. Fuck it, let Bitcoin drop to 20K. I DARE THESE BEAR WHALES. PLEASE, I SEE NO CRASH. ITS THE DISCOUNT OF A LIFETIME. I don’t care about the price. I’ve bought at 60k,50k,40k,30k and I will continue to buy all the way back up to freakin 75K. God bless every Bitcoin holder out there. Also, never sell your bitcoin. Do not sell the scarcest thing on the planet for a never ending inflating currency.

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