XMR based pararell circural economy thingie. Beginnings.


links to the stuff available as for now:


A few days ago I posted a picture of an XMR led neon light which I handmade in my garage. Many of you liked it to the extend that you were asking if I'm going to make more of them for sale, for what I am very grateful! It's an amazing feeling when someone appreciates your hand craft innit? Anyway so yeah, i will be making a batch of them in the coming weeks, that was the whole point of it, just wasnt sure if people will find interest in such things. Please note the one I posted (pics attached) is an unfinished version. It lacks quality and details, those for sale will be made to perfection as much as I humanly can. Also, you would be able to customize them to your liking – you could have any light colors you want( I prefer xmr default) and any wood finish you wish – it can be oiled and beewaxed, painted any acrylic or lacquer color ( black for instance) or simply clearcoated to preserve natural wood color ( again I prefer oil and beeswax lol) I will take payments only in xmr ( no fiat or other shitcoins please) As for pricing I have no clue therefore I am open to offers and let the free market decide! ( note it may take 3 to 5 days to make one) Mind you I am located in EU so postage anywhere outside EU ranges from 50-150 bucks ( it will be reasonably large and heavy) as and addiction I also sell handmade laser engraved yuft and cowhide leather wallets, where usually on one side you have an xmr burned logo and whatever you like on another (providing high quality bmps) I have attached some pictures of those here as well. Also I got into collab with local artist painter and she is currently painting an xmr featured real oil on canvass masterpiece :), more to come. The whole idea behind my doings is to create xmr based pararel exonomy thus I will be aiming to pay for products materials and services using xmr only and sourcing them as locally as possible. (currently working on "xmr for dummies" in my native language, as those people have no clue lol! Well at least my painter will accept xmrs as payment so we have some success on that path already :)I will be working on more xmr gadgets in future with main aim all of them being hand crafted, rare and different from all that factory made junk (low time preference as per Austrian school of economics :))

This is just to start, who knows where it will take the whole project if executed properly. I have many many more ideas but not going to reveal nothing right now as actions means alot more than words. So lets get to it and see what happens.

Well thank you for reading this. If you are interested in any of the above or you just simply want to keep being updated on the whole thing and how it goes, or you know someone who might, consider a follow.

I am encouraging you also to comment with ideas about particular XMR gadget you might want, but it does not exist yet – i will try to make it for you!Thanks for reading!

PS: The whole thing will soon be available at:




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